Elie Al Hindy

lie Al-Hindy is an associate professor in the Faculty of Law and Political Science, at Notre Dame University – Louaize, Lebanon (NDU), and served previously as the Chairperson of the department of Government and International Relations (2011-2015). He earned his PhD (2009) in Government and International Relations from the University of Sydney – Australia on the topic of “The Right of Self Determination for Minorities: An Arab Perspective”. He has an MBA in International Affairs and Diplomacy and two bachelor degrees in Political and Administrative Sciences (2000) and in International Affairs and Diplomacy (1998). Dr. Al Hindy’s previous work experience include the International Management and Training Institute (2002-2004); and tutoring (2005-2009) in the University of Sydney and Macquarie University. Dr. Al-Hindy is an active member, trainer and consultant in many national and international civil society organizations. He has been also a human rights advocate for more than 15 years. His Civil Society affiliations include: Director of the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS) since 2015 Co-Founder & former President of the Board (2010-2017) of ALEF – act for human rights Senior Trainer at the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management at ADYAN Foundation Co-Founder of the International and Transitional Justice Resource Center Research interests of Dr. Al Hindy include: Minorities, Consociational Democracy, Citizenship, Lebanese & Middle Eastern Studies, Electoral Engineering, Human Rights, Civil Society, Youth Participation, Religion and Politics, and Peace Education.

Benjamin Lutz

Benjamin Lutz is a recent graduate from Elon University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in International & Global Studies and Political Science where he concentrated on the Middle East, Peace Studies, and Inter-religious Studies. He is currently enrolled at the University of Bradford for a Master’s of Arts in Middle East Security and Peace and Conflict Studies, after which he plans to permanently move to the Middle East to conduct internal and regional peace diplomacy. His interests in Middle East diplomacy began with an eight-year long engagement with Model United Nations and Model Arab League. He previously worked as a Research Intern at Generations for Peace, a youth-diplomacy peace oriented NGO located in Amman, Jordan. You can reach him at [email protected]

Charbel Al Alam

Charbel Al Alam is a fellow researcher in MEIRSS, his works focuses on the Syria crisis. He earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree (DPT) at Saint Joseph University Beirut (2016). He holds a Master degree in physical therapy (of the physical activities and sport) from the Saint Joseph University Beirut (2013), and a degree in physical therapy from the Lebanese University (2001).

Christie Maiky

Christie Maike is a graduate from the Lebanese American University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Affairs with an emphasis on Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She is a fellow researcher at the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies. Her work is focused on Iraqi politics and foreign affairs. She has worked on various consulting projects for international organizations and NGOs. She has also participated and chaired in Model United Nations and Model European Union conferences regionally and internationally. Moreover, she is a lead advocate of the 5th Sustainable Development Goal at World Merit Lebanon.

Ines Devesa Buades

Inés Devesa Buades earned a BA in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Granada during which she carried out two-exchange years at the University of Jordan and the American University of Beirut. She holds a High-Honours MA in International Relations and Politics of the Middle East from the University of Leeds where she mainly focused on Lebanon and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She presented her dissertation on the Institutionalisation of gender equality in the Lebanese family code at the annual IAPSS conference last year and will do again at BRISMES annual conference in June 2018. She is currently working as a collaborator at the Spanish Embassy Cultural Department in Beirut and an intern at the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS) focusing on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Jasmin Lilian Diab

Ms. Diab holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Diplomacy, an M.A. in International Law from Notre Dame University-Louaize in Lebanon, and is currently pursuing a Master of Advanced Study at Saint Joseph University of Beirut in Democracy and Human Rights. The positions she holds include: Office Manager, Junior Researcher and Project Coordinator at the Lebanese Emigration Research Center at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at NDU, Operations Manager and Youth Coordinator at the Lebanon Dialogue Initiative, as well as Research Assistant and Assistant Project Manager at the Lebanese Development Network. She is a former Direct Dialogue Team Leader at Greenpeace International, and is currently a Research Affiliate at the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies focusing on migration, gender and politics, as well as international relations/law in general. She is currently appointed a Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School, a global Theirworld Initiative for the years 2017-2020 as well as the Head of Think Tank of the Global Arts and Politics Alliance based in Austria.

Jesse Thompson

Jesse holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne. His background is in anthropology but has begun doing research that is more focused on humanitarian and political issues after moving to Beirut in 2018. He is currently an intern at the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS).

Jimmy Matar

Jimmy Matar earned a BA in International Affairs and Diplomacy at Notre Dame University Louaize. His work focuses on Islamism in general, and jihadist groups in particular; in addition to their direct role in the Middle East. He is a fellow researcher in the office of Islamists in the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS) based in Lebanon. Furthermore, he is active in several NGOs focusing on Human Rights and interreligious dialogue.

Joe Hammoura

Joe Hammoura is a specialist in Middle Eastern and Turkish affairs and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in International Relations at Kocaeli University in Turkey. He holds a Masters in International Relations with Honors from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik – Lebanon (2015), and a BA in Political and Administrative Sciences from the Lebanese University (2008). His work focuses on the internal Turkish policies, foreign affairs and its direct and indirect implications on the Middle East. He is a fellow researcher in Turkish Affairs in the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS) based in Lebanon. Additionally he writes in different magazines, newspapers and websites about Middle Eastern affairs.

Laura Chemaly

Laura is a Phd student of Political Science at the Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ). She obtained a BA degree in Political Science from l’Université de Bruxelles and participated in a Erasmus Exchange with the University of Sussex in Brighton. She has a M.A. degree of European and European Legal Studies from the European College - Hamburg University and a M.A. of Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from l’Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth in Lebanon. Both of her M.A. thesis’ focused on the European Neighbourhood Policy in the Southern Mediterranean and Lebanon. Her current research interest revolves around issues of refugees and forced migration in the Middle East; with a special focus on the role of local NGO’s in managing the Syrian refugee Crisis in Lebanon, their relationship with international actors (e.g. UNHCR, EU) and the Lebanese state. She joined different training courses and seminars concerning the issue of refugees and forced migration in the Middle East at the Saint Joseph’s University in Beirut, the American University in Beirut, the Oxford Centre for Refugee Studies and presented her Phd research project at international conferences, like at the Refugee Law Clinic - University of Giessen (November 2015), Science Po Aix en Provence (June 2016), University of Hamburg (September 2016), Harokopio University in Athens (July 2017). She works also as an independent political consultant. At the moment, she is engaged with the Migration Unit of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin in a project concerning the UN Global Compact on Refugees and Migration and the role of the Arab League in the negotiations. She is a research affiliate in the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies (MEIRSS) based in Lebanon.

Ramy Jabbour

Ramy Jabbour developed an early interest in politics and international relations. He joined Notre Dame University- Louaize in 2010 where he received a degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy with several distinctions and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Political Science. He has previously worked as an assistant consultant at Macarlea advisory group: a communication and risk consultancy and a project officer at Statistics Lebanon. He is an administrative officer and a researcher at the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies. His research focuses on Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Gulf politics